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ECA International’s brand new website


ECA enjoys very high levels of customer satisfaction. Why change?

The time is right to shout about the fact that we’re much more than a data service provider. Our business has evolved significantly, and today we provide an integrated set of solutions for companies’ global mobility challenges.

Before changing anything, we talked to an array of clients from around the world. Many of them told us that they weren’t aware of all the services that we provide, or the different ways that they could be accessed to fit with a company’s individual working practices. This led us to create a new visual identity which clearly shows our four integrated service areas: Data, Software, Consultancy and Training.

So what can users expect from the new website and brand?

We’ve completely re-designed and re-engineered the website, fully integrating our global data sets into innovative software, tools and calculators. The navigation menus have been improved, new Accommodation and Cost of Living ‘Quick Tools’ added and there’s greater use of visual aids and infographics to bring our products to life.

The new Insights area provides users with a wide selection of regularly updated content including blogs, videos, white papers and articles from ECA’s team of experts. Users can also receive regular updates about our own training programmes and events.

We’ve built everything into a new, more responsive technology platform to optimise usability on a variety of platforms such as tablets and mobile devices.

Existing ECA users will be reassured that all the old functionality remains and our early client feedback confirms that the new site is a big improvement. Not only is content more easily accessible, it’s also more visually appealing and relevant. This has significantly improved the overall user experience.

Key features of the new website

  • Responsive design - accessible across desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • New Quick Tools for Accommodation and Cost of Living alongside existing Exchange Rates, Inflation, Location Ratings and Tax
  • Case studies to explain how ECA’s data, software and consultancy services have created efficiencies and solved practical global mobility challenges
  • Videos of ECA experts interviewed on global news networks
  • Improved search to ensure users find the content they need
  • Regularly updated blogs, articles, press releases and other useful information

What do the photographs represent?

Our clients and their assignees live and work in all four corners of the world. As we reviewed our imagery, we wanted it to reflect the variety of locations, cultures and industries we serve. The photos we’re using for corporate literature show cityscapes and scenes to represent the diversity and scope of our service coverage.

In product brochures and proposals, we move to ground-level shots to show the richness and variety of scenarios and environments around the world - more of an everyday perspective.

What brings them all together is the common theme of people and movement: ECA exists ‘for a world that’s constantly moving’.

What does the future hold for ECA?

Our clients have told us that in addition to world-class data, they expect us to explain what it means in the simplest way possible. The relaunch seamlessly knits together our data, software, subject matter experts and exceptional levels of client service. It provides us with a flexible platform on which to build for the future.

We understand that clients rely on us to provide innovative solutions to their global mobility challenges. While the challenges they face continue to change, our commitment to support them does not. The new brand and website ensure that we remain relevant for a world that’s constantly moving.

More information about ECA’s vision, values and service offering can be found here on the new site.

We'd love to hear your thoughts!
We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new ECA, or any suggestions for improvements to our on or offline services. Please send your comments here and we’ll be sure to take them on board. 
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