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Turkey in turmoil - how are organisations managing their assignees?

Since our blog post back in August bad news has continued to emanate from Turkey. The last few weeks alone have seen the assassination of the Russian ambassador in front of television cameras, a gun rampage at an Istanbul nightclub in the early hours of New Year’s Day and a bombing near a courthouse in the coastal city of Izmir. Against this backdrop of violence President Erdogan has continued his crackdown on dissent in the wake of last summer’s failed coup attempt and we have even seen the arrest of senior opposition MPs.

ECA’s new Location Ratings, published in November, saw some score increases for Turkey to reflect this deepening climate of censorship and authoritarianism. We believe that those location allowance recommendations remain appropriate at this time - as discussed in August’s blog, the scores for Turkish locations already recognise the unstable situation and constant threat of terrorist attacks, such as those witnessed in the last few weeks. However, while location allowances will compensate your assignees for the difficulties they face, other practical measures may need to be employed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of assignees.

In view of this we are running a spot survey to find out what action, if any, organisations are currently undertaking in response to heightened security concerns, and whether they have a policy in place to deal with such situations. The survey takes just two minutes to complete and all participants will receive a free copy of the results. To take part, please click the image below and submit your answers by 15th January.

Turkey crisis survey managing assignees

To find out more about how our datatools and advice can help you to determine location allowances, please get in touch.

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