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Managing Compensation for Mobile Employees

- Delivered in Asia only -

Fully focused on expatriate compensation systems, this one-day course will provide a solid understanding of the key approaches used to calculate salary packages for staff relocated from one location to another, whether on a long-term basis or permanent transfer. The day incorporates practical exercises to illustrate the impact of mobility types on compensation policy.

Participants will receive a refresher on the home-based compensation approach and be introduced to other methodologies, such as host-based compensation packages. The course will provide the opportunity to work through different mobility scenarios to evaluate how resulting relocation pay packages compare and explore the feasibility of different approaches. The second part of the day will then educate participants on salary delivery options and how to conduct salary reviews.

This course is the ideal natural progression for people who have completed the Mastering Assignment Compensation training or attendees of The IHRP who wish to delve into compensation methods for mobile employees in more detail.

Who should attend

Anyone responsible for calculating salary packages and/or setting policy for their company's mobile employees. Ideally participants will have completed ECA's Mastering Assignment Compensation or The International HR Practitioner (The IHRP) prior to attending, or have a good level of knowledge/experience of international assignment management.

Participants keen to further develop and broaden their expertise and assignment management skills may be interested in completing ECA's two-day programme, The IHRP.


Salary options and variables
 - Trends in compensation methods for mobile employees
 - Different pay approaches and why they are used
 - Host-based salary approaches and their advantages and disadvantages
Home-based salary system
 - ‘Pure’ home based approach
 - ‘Select country’ home based approach
 - Hybrid approach
Host-based salary system
 - Pure host based approach
 - Host-plus (Local-plus) approach
 - Expatriate market rate
 - How to evaluate the attractiveness or applicability of a host-based approach
Salary delivery
 - Examining the main options (home currency, host currency, split pay)
 - Introducing common errors and misconceptions regarding salary delivery
 - Relationship between mobility type, salary system and salary delivery options
 - How to protect employees against the impact of currency volatility
 - Advantages and disadvantages of the various options
 - Payroll considerations and issues
Salary reviews
 - Evaluating the relationship between salary method and salary review options
 - Choosing correct point of reference to review/adjust salaries of mobile employees
 - Conducting annual and interim pay reviews for international assignees
 - Communicating pay to employees