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Results based on: Cost of living

ECA's international data researchers, external field researchers and expatriates inform our cost of living data so that it is accurate, reliable and consistent.

Our latest infographic shows the stages involved in calculating our cost of living indices.

Massive devaluation of the som as Uzbekistan comes in from the cold.

We discuss how Hong Kong's attractiveness to multinationals and expats compares with 20 years ago and in relation to other regional competitors.

The BBQ season is upon us! To help ensure that you don't overspend we look at the costs of laying on a family BBQ in our Cost of Grilling rankings.

This white paper looks at why you should and how you can measure the cost of your international assignments.

16 November 2015

ECA can now provide a comprehensive set of benefits data for the one-off and annual costs associated with international assignments, taking the pain out of cost estimates. Ema Boccagni reports.