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How to buy

Data and training on demand
Data and online tools - annual subscription
Consultancy & Advisory
Software - ECAEnterprise
Key information
For quick and occasional information
For sustained access to suites of tools and information
For help on small and large projects
For increasing efficiency and ease of administration
Key features
  • Mobility training delivered online
  • Individual reports as you need them
  • Buy online
  • Access to ECA's product suite for your chosen locations
  • Dedicated account support
  • Discounts on products and training
  • Add calculators and tools to your online resources
  • Multiple licences for your GM team included
  • Individual calculations as you need them
  • Data and support in project form
  • World-class advice
  • Tailored data and systems
  • Highly personalised
  • Assignment management
  • Salaries and costing
  • Management reporting
  • Workflow management
  • Different access for different stakeholders
Ideal for
  • Training new team members or refreshing your knowledge
  • Researching new locations
  • Supplementing subscriptions
  • Small expatriate population
  • Moderate to large expatriate populations
  • If you have a regular need for data and information
  • Access from multiple service centres or for multiple team members
  • Large, bespoke projects such as designing policy
  • When you need an extra, expert member of your team
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Moderate to large expatriate populations
  • Managing multiple policies
  • Co-ordinating with multiple stakeholders

Still undecided?

Whether you choose to work with us for data, policy design, software systems, benchmarking or just a bit of advice, partnering with us will help you achieve more. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and the best way to access our services.