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In the final blog in our series on international remote working, we discuss some of the pros and cons as well as key considerations for companies implementing and managing international remote workers.

Businesses in the UK expect to repeat an historic 5% nominal pay increase in 2024

While exchange rate fluctuations may be beyond employers' control, they are accountable for implementing protective measures to safeguard assignees from adverse impacts. Getting exchange rate protection right involves aligning multiple processes correctly. Depending on how the company delivers...

ECA provides an update on location allowances (hardship allowances) and why it is essential to review your assignees location allowance regularly. This webinar was delivered in Bahasa Indonesia.

We have created a wonderful infographic to illustrate the entire journey of a typical, long-term assignment lifecycle, highlighting the depth of GM responsibilities.

ECA gives an update on common practices of providing assignment benefits as well as managing the costs derived. This webinar was delivered in Cantonese.

'Regionalisation' of the global economy could make cost of living trends more divergent.

ESG considerations have become vital in responsible business practices, and ECA proudly stands at the forefront. In recent years we have truly stepped up to evolve from awareness to taking action, placing sustainability at the heart of our operations. Here we share the progress we are making on...

27 September 2023 Bangkok Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

This half-day course, delivered in Asia only, focuses on the home-based approach to international assignment salary calculations.

20 September 2023

Inflation could be going back up across the world, but not in China, where COLAs might be negative for many months to come.