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Delivering pay to local employees is a straightforward matter. Employees receive their pay packages in local currency and in their local bank account, as delivered by the company’s local payroll. When companies are dealing with mobile workers, however, how and where to deliver pay are not...

21 March 2024 - 21 March 2024 Wellington QT Wellington
08:30 - 10:30

Keep up to date the latest developments in the management of mobile staff and network with other New Zealand government agencies.

There has been no great increase in global inflation, despite Middle East concerns, but the cost of living no longer seems to be easing either.

The ECA International Group unveiled its new unified global mobility platform to clients and industry leaders at the business’ Mobility Hub 2024, which took place at London’s Savoy Place on 12 March.

ECA provided an introductory on how to delve into the topic of international business trips and short-term assignments. We explored the challenges they entail and the associated expenses.

Africa dominated exchange-rate news in February, providing both the world's weakest and strongest currencies, and just as we were going to press Egypt floated and devalued the pound. Read all about it in our monthly round-up.

Congratulations! You have done your homework, carefully assessing the global mobility management platform options in the market, and you have opted for the one that best suits your requirements. Now it's time to focus on implementation. Here we share some tips on how to make this stage as smooth...

What do we mean by 'international salary spine'? Here we provide a detailed explanation about this alternative remuneration approach that involves paying all mobile employees on the basis of an international salary structure.

After a shorter than usual wait since the postponed 2020 Tokyo Summer Games, Paris is set to host the Olympics and Paralympics later this year. Estimates vary, but the number of visitors to Paris is set to cross at least 10 million between July and September. Global mobility teams need to...

Zimbabwe and Iran blow up an otherwise peaceful month for currencies.