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Average annual cost of sending an expat to the UK is now £351 992, up by 11% on last year.

Global inflation continues to fall, but food and fuel prices may slow the process.

A key component of many companies' global mobility frameworks, short-term assignments are evolving to become an essential means of moving talent internationally. However, they have many tricky nuances and can present major challenges for both the company and employee. Our new course is now here...

It is no secret that free, crowdsourced cost of living information exists online, but there are numerous reasons why caution should be exercised when relying on free-to-access data. If you are among those in search of reliable insights, don't miss out on our latest blog.

Oliver Browne, Lee Quane and Jacqueline O'Rourke explore the latest trends and developments in expatriate pay. 

Lee Quane, Mark Harrison and Anna Michielsen explore the latest trends and developments in expatriate pay across the APAC region.

Jeff Chu and Mandy Tsai provide an update on the latest trends in expatriate salary and benefits packages, across Greater China.

In the second blog of our series looking at international remote working, we consider the tax and social security compliance risks that can be involved.

Aaron Pravasta explores the latest mobility trends and information on expatriates salaries for Indonesia headquartered company that send staff overseas and those employing expatriate staff in Indonesia.

Angolan kwanza is the latest African currency to be devalued, while Turkey finally abandons bizarre economic experiments. All this and more in our monthly currency round-up.