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Nigeria's new president wastes no time in unifying exchange rates.

System integrations and APIs have become increasingly popular - and common! - in assignment management systems over the past few years but, unless you are a tech specialist, discussing them can feel daunting. In this blog, we explain in simple terms how integrations work and the many benefits...

Ever wondered how ECA collects 400,000 prices from all over the world for cost of living indices and other global mobility data? Our multi-source approach guarantees integrity, accuracy, and reliability.

Nattayaporn Cocconi provides an introduction to benefits for international long-term assignment, why they matter and how ECA can help to manage assignment benefits policy and costs.

Following a four-year reign, Hong Kong (2nd) loses the top spot to New York

Singapore is now the fifth most expensive location in the world for expatriates, driven by rising accommodation costs

Hong Kong loses number one status in spite of high levels of inflation

Cost of Living indices are an invaluable tool for global mobility teams. However, when indices are updated to reflect changes in living costs between two locations, assignees may have questions about the updates.

In this blog, we look at the concept of international remote working and the different ways in which companies are currently utilising it.

Burundi and Zimbabwe see big devaluations as African currencies buckle under persistent pressure.