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With global inflation remaining higher than expected this year, what impact will it have on local pay awards going forward?

With the salary review season approaching for many, it is timely for us to look at the transformative power of batch processing - what a difference it makes! Streamline pay reviews and other repetitive tasks so your team can redirect focus to more strategic and assignee-centric responsibilities...

ECA introduces international assignments’ compliance, and discuss why this is important and the compliance risks associated. This webinar was delivered in Thai. 

Stay up to date on the latest trends in pay awards for locally employed staff in the Asia-Pacific region.

Rental prices are rising in many markets around the world. Here we take a look at locations with some of the biggest increases and the factors at play.

Explore the many benefits of ECAEnterprise and how this can help you achieve streamlined assignment processes and efficient package management. This webinar was delivered in Japanese.

15 November 2023

The collective wisdom of central banks suggests global inflation will continue to fall.

Celebrating excellence in global mobility, the ECA International Group wins two industry awards at the prestigious FEM EMEA EMMAs.

The past two years have seen significant changes in the costs of childcare and education in the face of high inflation. Governments around the world have used various levers to try to lower inflation, but while rates have eased in many countries, inflation continues to drive rises in...

ECA and Global Expat Pay shared insights into how to best utilise integrated dataflows, to save time and money,