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We share the top tips on how to implement a new assignment management system as smoothly as possible.

Sri Lanka's currency devaluation should help secure IMF support but will also push up inflation.

As Russia wrecks its own economic prospects, it is dragging allies and 'brotherly' nations down with it.

Singapore has been named again as the most liveable location for expatriate workers from East Asia.

The ongoing closure of many locations in the Asia-Pacific region, including Hong Kong, has caused many locations to slide down ECA’s latest liveability rankings.

Lockdown reversals sees 71% of European cities go up in the annual global liveability ranking

The last 12 months have seen disruption continue for international schools around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but what does the future hold?

Our latest infographic explains how companies are supporting the relocation of their assignees, using the key findings from our International Relocation Benefits Survey.

The longstanding cost-of-living partnership between inflation and exchange rates, whereby one offsets the other, appears to be breaking down amid the global price surge.

While the coronavirus pandemic was the main story in 2021, another notable phenomenon was the number of coups and military takeovers seen across the world. But how did these events impact location ratings?