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Nattayaporn Cocconi explores the latest developments in expatriate pay in Thailand, and advises how mobility teams can benchmark their expatriates' salary and benefits packages with our unique MyEMP reports. This session is delivered in Thai.

We take a look at why rents are rising in many markets around the world, including a focus on four locations where our clients' assignees are feeling the pinch.

Reserve Bank appears to have devalued Zimbabwe dollar by 40%.

Currencies devalued in China, Sri Lanka and Syria, plus all the other exchange rate news from around the world in our monthly round-up.

We discuss findings from our spot survey, Conflict in Ukraine, looking at exactly what actions organisations have been taking in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and how ECA can help.

Lee Quane, Mark Harrison and Anna Michielsen explore highlights from our recent Global Mobility Now Survey, with a specific focus on the APAC region.

While overall provision of relocation benefits has varied little in recent years, despite an unsettled global situation, the way the benefits are provided is changing.

When managing international assignee salary packages, exchange rates can have a huge impact on the overall value.

Sudan floats the pound, Egypt devalues and the Japanese yen has its worst month for 16 years. All this and more in our monthly currency news round-up.

A huge, warm welcome to two new colleagues in our London-based Consultancy and Advisory team - meet Francine and James!