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We have taken an in-depth look into the concept of spendable income - the portion of salary to which the cost of living index is typically applied.

Rental prices in London’s prime locations set to fall, as remote working reduced property demand according to latest rental accommodation report.

The impact of Covid-19 on business travel and overseas assignments has caused monthly rents in Singapore to drop by an average of 2.0% for overseas workers.

Hong Kong retains position as most expensive accommodation for overseas workers, despite a drop of over 5% in rental costs from last year.

As President Erdogan continues to change his mind about policy, there seems to be no way of stopping the Turkish lira's rollercoaster ride.

In the first of a series, we look at the concept of international remote working and the different ways in which companies are currently utilising it.

Inflation is rising across the world, but what will it mean for global mobility teams as they work to protect expatriate standards of living?

Why Sudan's big devaluation might not mean even higher inflation, plus other currency news from around the world in our latest monthly review.

Lee Quane, Regional Director, and Mark Harrison, Associate Director explore results from our recent Managing Mobility survey and how GM teams across Asia are adapting their approaches to face the challenges ahead.

With vaccination programmes gathering pace in many nations, we have taken a look at the role of HR teams in Covid-19 vaccinations - and whether organisations can require employees to be vaccinated before international travel.