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ECA International announces a significant financial investment in Tracker Software Technologies (TST).

How can your organisation get the most out of benchmarking? We take a look at the main things to consider.

Volatility of Seychelles' cost of living factors shows why consistent application of ECA's COLAs over time is essential.

In the fourth blog post in our series on international remote working, we cover the salary and benefits issues that need to be considered.

Lee Quane, Regional Director, and Mark Harrison, Associate Director explore recent Cost of Living index movements across Asia, and how to assess if a local salary is attractive for your mobile employees.

How have key events around the world have affected cost of living indices for your assignees?

Anna Michielsen from ECA Sydney explores the benefits of benchmarking expatriate pay and benefits packages, and how to remain competitive and cost-effective in 2021. This session has a specific focus on Australasia.

South Sudan continues to heavily weaken its currency, while in Lebanon black-market exchange rates are depreciating rapidly. Read these and other forex news stories from around the world in our monthly round-up.

The housing policies of companies with international assignees can be as varied as the organisations themselves. Find out how ECA can help you design and perfect your housing policy.

Oliver Browne, Remuneration and Policy Surveys Manager, and Jacqueline O'Rourke, Head of Client Services, explore the basics and many benefits of benchmarking expatriate pay and benefits packages.