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What have you and your fellow mobility professionals been reading about this year? We take a look back at the most popular ECA blog posts of 2021.

London remains the 6th most expensive location in the world according to the latest Cost of Living report from ECA International.

Singapore rises two places from last year to become 12th most expensive location globally for overseas workers, and remains in top ten Asia rankings.

Hong Kong tops the rankings as the most expensive location for overseas workers.

Our teams have been busy analysing and publishing all the data collected from recent surveys - here's a summary highlighting the latest data updates and what else is new!

How have key events around the world affected cost of living indices for your assignees?

The world of global mobility continues to grow in both scope and complexity. To help you find the best way to manage your GM programme, we look at the importance of choosing the right assignment management system.

Turkey is paying a heavy price to shore up the lira, whose value is being destroyed by the country's own president.

ECA's online training course, Principles of Global Mobility, now has a limited-time 50% discount! Find out more about the course and how it can help you to manage assignments from start to finish.

How has the global Covid-19 vaccination rollout affected ECA's location ratings, and what does it mean for location allowances for assignees?