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Remote Workers: What every HR/Mobility professional needs to know

This webinar explores new mobility tax and immigration issues that companies now have to consider for remote workers.

The current pandemic is causing many companies to create and update multiple policies within their organization.  These policy changes are very evident in the global mobility function. While restrictions remain in place for "traditional" mobile employees, commuters, and transferees, an even larger group of remote workers - including work-from-home or "work anywhere" employees - is creating new mobility tax and immigration issues for companies to consider.  This webinar focuses on what those issues are, how to address them as well as practical solutions with employer of record services.

ECA's Vice President - Americas, Michael Witkowski is joined by the following guest speakers:

  • Christopher Hall – Managing Director at Global Tax Network
  • Stephanie Lewin – Head of Global Immigration at Envoy Global
  • Stephen Malley – Global VP of Strategic Partnerships at Elements Global Services

This webinar was delivered on Wednesday 19 August 2020. Please sign in to view the recording.

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