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Salary Trends in 2022 & 2023 - the impact of economic volatility on local pay (Delivered in Chinese

Please note: This webinar was delivered in Mandarin.

Discover how rates of salary increase have fared in the major economies in the Asia-Pacific region, especially for locations in Greater China.

Explore how our recently published Salary Trends report can help you compare your pay reviews against market practice - and why this is such a valuable resource for companies as part of their budgeting for 2023.

Delivered by Jeff Chu and Mandy Tsai, Client Solutions team in Asia, this webinar explores:

  • An overview of salary trends in 2022 in Greater China and other highlighted locations in APAC region
  • Locations with highest and lowest salary increase rates
  • How inflation has impacted employees' real incomes in 2022
  • Projected salary growth in 2023 and factors which may influence salary adjustments

This webinar was delivered on 21 December 2022. Sign in to view the recording. 

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