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The impact of exchange rates & inflation on assignee salary packages (Delivered in Japanese) - pt 2

Please note: this webinar was delivered in Japanese.

Global high rates of inflation and weakness of Japanese yen are causing problems for Japanese companies when managing assignee packages. Find out how to successfully manage assignee salary packages in the current complex environment.

Pamela Pang, Senior Client Solutions Executive explains the impact of exchange rate volatility and inflation on assignee salaries and present ways in which companies manage them while also providing advice on best practices.

This webinar focuses on managing the impact of inflation:

  • The role of the cost of living allowance in protecting employee purchasing power
  • Impact of home/host inflation on assignee salaries
  • Differences between official inflation and changes in cost of living
  • Practices for companies seeking to minimise the impact of inflation on assignee salaries

This webinar was delivered on Tuesday 13 December. Sign in to view the recording. 

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