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Benchmarking insights for every mobility programme

Keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in expatriate pay and find out how you can use our free reports to benchmark expatriate salaries and benefits in the real world.

Whether you want to benchmark bonuses in Belgium, housing allowances in Hong Kong or international local hires in Indonesia, we will demonstrate how the MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey can help you. Discover the key features of our upcoming survey and find out how you can obtain your personalised benchmarking reports - free of charge!

Oliver Browne, Lee Quane and Jacqueline O'Rourke explore:

  • How benchmarking is an essential tool for all types of expatriate employee
  • Recent case studies: find out how survey participants have used the data to benchmark expatriate remuneration packages in the real world
  • Trends and highlights from our latest MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey (MyEMP)
  • How to take part in the 2023 MyEMP Survey in order to receive your own personalised salary and policy benchmarking reports

This webinar was delivered on 13 July 2023. Sign in to view the recording. 

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