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Know your market position- benchmarking assignee pay and benefits

ECA’s MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey provides everything you need to benchmark your assignees’ pay and benefits in over 130 countries. This webinar will take you through the results of ECA’s latest survey, and use real-life examples to demonstrate some of the ways the comprehensive reports can help you, from updating your global mobility policy, to reporting to senior stakeholders, communicating with expatriates or simply benchmarking assignee packages. 

Considering all elements of the expatriate package – salary, bonuses and benefits – ECA experts Oliver Browne and Georgia Wilson show you the results you can achieve by applying the in-depth benchmarking data.

  • Beyond basic salaries – case studies on benefits and bonus provision
  • Local-plus – When is it best used?
  • The 2019 survey: how to get your own, free personalised salary benchmarking report

This webinar was delivered live on 25 and 26 June 2019. 

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