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Localisation: Barriers and Opportunities

Successfully localising long-term assignees while retaining key talent and remaining fair to existing local staff is a challenging balancing act for global mobility teams. Using results of ECA's recent survey and client experience, Steven Kilfedder and Emanuela Boccagni will look at how companies manage this process and the challenges they face. 

This session will look at: 
•    When and why companies localise long-term assignees
•    Approaches to localising salary and benefits
•    How local is localised? Is a pragmatic approach to localising assignees required?
•    Barriers to localisation and how to overcome them

Please note that in this webinar localisation is the process of transitioning an employee on long-term international assignment terms and conditions to local terms of employment, with ties back to the home country removed or heavily reduced.

Webinar dates

This webinar was delivered live on 17 and 19 March 2020. 

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