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Salary Trends 2021

For free access to ECA's Salary Trends Reports 2021/2022, please complete the form below to show your salary increases for this year and your anticipated increases for 2022 for your locally-employed staff (not assignees) in your countries of operation.

The form will accept salary increases up to 3 decimal places. Enter a dash '-' if the information is not available or not appropriate.  If no salary increases are planned, tick the 'Pay freeze' box.

Click the save icon at the end of every completed row to save the data. The saved data will remain here for you to edit until the survey closes.  When you have completed the survey, click 'Submit' to send the data to us.

Please provide data for as many countries as possible – the more data submitted, the more coverage the report will have - and to submit a large amount of data, or if would prefer to use another format, e.g. a spreadsheet, or if you have any questions, please email

Tips for completing the survey

Use the comments box to:

  • Provide data for a country that is not available in the dropdown.
  • Provide data for a city in China, India or United Arab Emirates that is not available in the dropdown.
  • Provide details of any of your colleagues that you would like to have access to the report when published.
  • Explain or qualify any of your figures, enter queries or provide any other information you think is relevant.

Middle/Junior Management refers to all management and supervisory employees below Senior Management, as well as employees who have technical/professional qualifications, e.g. Accountant, Sales Manager, IT Manager, Engineer, etc.

Other Employees refers to administrative, clerical, secretarial and support personnel.

Excluding merit represents cost of living/inflationary increases.  If you do not know this figure, enter a dash '-'.

Including merit is the total increase and represents cost of living/inflationary increases plus any performance/merit related increases.  For example, increases could be 6% excluding merit and 10% including merit.