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Country Profiles


ECA's Country Profiles are in-depth briefing documents for individuals preparing to live and work in another country.  They provide essential information for both IHR managers planning international assignments and for people going abroad to work, whether for one day or permanently.  

In addition to coming as part of subscription and being available to buy individually, extranet versions of the Profiles are available to supply directly to employees, and they can be customised.

  • Orientation material on the country’s geography and climate, major cities, demographics, language, social customs and cultural and sightseeing highlights
  • Immigration information on obtaining visas, work and residence permits, visas for spouses and dependants, and registration
  • Travel guidance on how to get to and around the country, including travel from the airport, public transport and health and safety advice
  • Business etiquette, public holidays, suitable clothing, money and banking, mobile phone and internet service providers, suitable medical services, supermarkets, other shops and restaurants by city, and the quality and availability of goods and services
  • Customs and import regulations for household shipments, cars and pets, advice on leasing arrangements, residential districts, schools and sports and social clubs
  • Background information on the country’s history, government and economy
  • Additional resources, such as travel guides and useful links, cross-cultural and language training resources, expatriate and cultural networks and conversion tables