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Benefits for International Assignments Survey


  Survey closed   Date: 19 Apr 2021 - 7 May 2021   Published: July 2021

What benefits should you provide to your mobile employees to remain competitive yet cost-effective?

This survey identifies trends and best practice in the provision of benefits and allowances for international assignments of between one and five years.

Participants receive a free report of the results enabling them to benchmark and review their assignee benefit policy based on best practice in the industry.

The survey covers the determination and delivery of the following assignment benefits:

• Leave entitlement and home leave travel
• Medical insurance and care
• Education and childcare
• Transport and cars
• Housing
• Utilities
• Partner support
• Tax assistance
• Domestic help
• Sports and social clubs

Who is it open to?

Anyone who has responsibility for the management of benefits for globally mobile employees.

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