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MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey


  Survey open   Date: 1 Jul 2024 - 23 Aug 2024   Published: Jan - Apr 2025

ECA’s MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey benchmarks pay levels for expatriates to establish trends in international assignment management and remuneration.

Participants receive a free copy of results for all the countries they provide salary information for.

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Why take part?

  • Demonstrate the market position of your salaries to key stakeholders using the report’s interactive graphs
  • Benchmark your salary and benefits policies by country to ensure they are robust and keep up with the dynamics of all of your host countries, using the country specific policy in each personalised report
  • Make sure each individual component of your total assignment package is where you want it to be in the market using the detailed total package listings
  • Narrow the focus of the benchmark to other expatriates working in the same city/industry/job role etc.
  • Free job evaluation provided to compare your jobs accurately against other assignees in the host country
  • A summary of the economic conditions prevailing in the country and details of the changes in survey exchange rates are provided to help put the survey results into context
  • Completely confidential, anonymised results
Filter chart data by:

The graph above is dynamic. The points can be categorised by industry group or salary system using the drop-down, and to show or hide different groups, click on the relevant item in the legend. To zoom in on a particular point, use your mouse to draw a rectangle over the area. To reset the zoom level, click the reset button that appears in the top right of the graph.

Who is it open to?

Managers of international staff. To take part in the survey you will need to be signed in to the ECA website. If you do not have a MyECA account yet, please sign up here.