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Localisation Survey


  Survey closed   Date: 23 Apr 2024 - 10 May 2024   Published: June 2024

Localisation is the process of transitioning an employee on long-term international assignment terms and conditions to local terms of employment, with ties back to the home country removed or heavily reduced. Successfully localising assignees while retaining key talent and remaining fair to existing local staff is a challenging balancing act for global mobility teams.

This survey will identify the latest trends in policy, processes and management when transitioning long-term international assignees to local terms and conditions.

Participants receive a free report of the results, enabling them to compare and align their approach with best practice in the industry.

The survey covers the following aspects of localisation:

  • How salary is transitioned to local terms and conditions
  • Phase-out of assignment benefits and allowances
  • Differences between employee- and company-initiated localisations
  • The risks and benefits of localisation
  • Trends and challenges

Please note that in this survey localisation does not refer to an employee being sent on an international assignment on local terms.

Who is it open to?

Anyone working in global mobility or elsewhere who is responsible for managing the localisation of long-term international assignees.