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Principles of Global Mobility

This online training course provides a full guide to the lifecycle of an international assignment, from candidate selection and pre-assignment compliance checks, through relocation to the end of the assignment.

Participants work through six interactive modules to learn about key mobility concepts, including the different types of international assignment, typical assignment allowances and how to calculate salary and benefits packages. Employee experience and ways to ensure a successful assignment are explored throughout.

Providing an engaging learning experience, this popular self-paced course incorporates case studies and exercises to ensure participants come away with practical knowledge to apply in the workplace.

Find module details below, and get a sneak peek of the training with this short video:

I really like how the course follows the complete GM lifecycle. From the basics around assignment types to how to get a full picture of costs, it covers a lot of ground, and the playful visuals are great! Definitely very beneficial for anyone starting out in Global Mobility.

Global Mobility Officer, AkzoNobel

Who this course is for and fees

This self-study training is perfect for anyone new to mobility, for experienced GM professionals looking to refresh their knowledge, and those in non-specialist roles who would benefit from a comprehensive introduction to global mobility. It serves as a great stepping stone to our classroom course, The International HR Practitioner (Asia only). 

Course access and duration:

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  • GBP 255
  • EUR 320
  • USD 400
  • AUD 490

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Offering excellent value for money, we provide access to the course for 90 days. Learners are given the opportunity to complete the modules at their own pace, with time to revisit topics and browse the additional resources listed to further cement their understanding. Experienced HR professionals looking to refresh and fill any gaps in their knowledge could run through the core learning content in around three to four hours. 

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to build their knowledge on key GM topics.

Human Resources and Organization - International Mobility, Pirelli

Course content

Topic 1: The bigger picture

Explore why organisations send employees abroad and the different types of international working

Topic 2: Compliance

Become familiar with key immigration, tax and social security considerations for both the organisation and their employees

Topic 3: Relocation

Find out about the practical aspects of an international move: from prep, to travel, to settling in

Topic 4: Remuneration

Understand typical salary approaches, allowances and benefits

Topic 5: How does it all come together?

Follow worked examples to make sense of how remuneration packages and cost estimates are built

Topic 6: What’s next?

Gain awareness of on-assignment support, salary reviews and end of assignment considerations

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