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Short-term Assignments

This online course provides a deep dive into all aspects of compensation and benefits, tax governance, immigration compliance and payroll considerations for short-term international assignments.

Short-term assignments (STAs) are evolving to become an essential means of moving talent for a wide range of purposes. For both employer and employee, they can also help to overcome mobility barriers typically associated with long-term assignments. However, short-term assignments have many tricky nuances and management of these can pose a major challenge for mobility teams.

Taught across five interactive modules, our online course will guide you through the basic principles of short-term assignments, and how to structure remuneration packages and navigate the various compliance challenges. By the end of course, you will have acquired the practical knowledge needed to deliver successful, compliant and cost-effective STAs.

Providing an engaging learning experience, this self-paced training incorporates case studies, quizzes and exercises to help cement your learning, which can be completed in your own time, from anywhere. 

Who this course is for and fees

Our online course is available to in-house mobility/HR teams or colleagues involved in managing their company's short-term assignments. Perfect for anyone new to mobility as well as those wanting to refresh their knowledge of all aspects of remuneration and compliance for STAs.

Course access and duration

The course is accessed via MyECA. Please sign in* to view your regional currency and to purchase the course (fees subject to tax, where applicable):

GBP 190
EUR 260
USD 310
AUD 390

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Offering excellent value for money, we provide access to the course for 90 days. Learners are given the opportunity to complete the modules at their own pace, with time to revisit topics and browse the additional resources listed to further aid their understanding. Experienced HR professionals looking to refresh and fill any gaps in their knowledge could run through the core learning content in around two hours.

Course content

Five bite-size modules to guide you through the key principles of delivering successful short-term assignments:

Topic 1: Background & context

Get to grips with the different types of short-term international work and their nuances

Topic 2: Compensation

Master the different types of allowances typically paid (incl. COLAs, per diems, and short-term allowances)

Topic 3: Support & benefits

Gain awareness of the typical relocation support and assignment benefits offered 

Topic 4: Payroll considerations

Become familiar with payroll considerations and how to deliver short-term assignment pay

Topic 5: Compliance considerations

Grasp how to navigate compliance challenges such as immigration and taxation for STAs

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