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We explore the priorities for companies who are reassessing their Global Mobility policy; from modernisation to reorganisation, read more to discover both obstacles and solutions for companies when reviewing the aims of their policy.

What have you and your fellow mobility professionals been most interested in this year? We take a look back at a few of our most popular blog posts of 2023.

While exchange rate fluctuations may be beyond employers' control, they are accountable for implementing protective measures to safeguard assignees from adverse impacts. Getting exchange rate protection right involves aligning multiple processes correctly. Depending on how the company delivers...

ESG considerations have become vital in responsible business practices, and ECA proudly stands at the forefront. In recent years we have truly stepped up to evolve from awareness to taking action, placing sustainability at the heart of our operations. Here we share the progress we are making on...

In the third blog post in our series on international remote working, we look at compliance issues associated with the right to work, employee payroll, healthcare and more.

ECA's latest Accommodation Survey shows that while factors such as high global inflation and rising construction costs continue to exert upward pressure on rental costs in many locations, a host of other issues is accelerating price increases in multiple cities, particularly in North America and...

In the second blog of our series looking at international remote working, we consider the tax and social security compliance risks that can be involved.

In this blog, we look at the concept of international remote working and the different ways in which companies are currently utilising it.

Navigating the complex terrain of achieving sustainability in Global Mobility can be inherently challenging. In this article, we explore the barriers to sustainability and suggest plans to kick-start or reinforce your company's sustainability journey.

Controlling costs is always a significant challenge for GM, but global inflation has increased cost pressures on mobility programmes. In this blog post, we reveal 20 areas where there may be savings to be made.