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Results based on: Cost estimates

It is no secret that free, crowdsourced cost of living information exists online but there are many reasons why free-to-access data should be used with caution.

14 November 2018

Given its history, the recent rise of inflation in Zimbabwe is deeply worrying for many.

With Oktoberfest kicking off this September, the latest Cost Of Living data from ECA International reveals that UK revellers will be paying eight percent more per beer than last year.

17 September 2018

Iran rejoins the high-inflation club as prices surge higher globally, plus other inflation-related news.

Turkey's currency is the latest victim of Trump's 'America first' policy, but it is suffering more than most because of self-inflicted wounds.

One of the major challenges in managing the costs of a global mobility programme is collating the information involved. Using cost estimates can provide insight into the total costs of a programme and help better manage the assignees involved.

Turkey and Liberia see rises in inflation, whilst the plummeting value of the rial doesn't bode well for Iran.

Following our most recent Cost of Living Survey, we have prepared an interactive map to help you understand and explain to assignees how key events around the world have affected cost of living indices.

How much will it cost you and a friend to support your team from home?

Strength of euro secures 30 European cities in the top 100 most expensive in the world, up from only 12 last year.