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Results based on: Daily rates

Ethiopia's birr devalued to boost export competitiveness.

The surprising strength of Britain's currency.

Massive devaluation of the som as Uzbekistan comes in from the cold.

Nigeria might not have called it a devaluation, but the central bank's latest reform certainly amounted to one.

No bottom in sight for Argentinian peso.

Featuring in this month's review - exchange rates of oil producers hit hard by latest fall in crude prices. Plus, other currency movements in June.

Featuring in this month's round-up, China and Hong Kong likely to keep US dollar-based currency regimes for now. Plus, other exchange-rate movements in May.

Here we discuss why Nigeria's multiple exchange rates are doomed to fail, and other significant currency fluctuations in April.

Here we discuss the influence of South Africa's personal politics on the declining rand, and other significant currency fluctuations in March.

Over the last 12 months, the world's political and economic status quo has been turned on its head; ECA's Managing Director, Andrew Shaw, discusses the impact global events could have on global mobility in the future.