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Results based on: Currency movements

ECA's latest Cost of Living Survey exposes the extent of the economic problems in Turkmenistan - one of the world's most expensive countries for expats.

October saw major rebounds for some of the world's weakest currencies.

Foreign exchange shortages and rampant inflation have forced Sudan to make another big currency devaluation.

Zambian kwacha plummets as international donors suspend aid.

Trade wars and rising US interest rates take their toll on emerging-market currencies.

Huge devaluation and five zeros lopped off banknotes as Venezuela takes desperate measures to halt crisis.

The Pakistani rupee and Turkish lira fall again, but other emerging-market currencies have bounced back.

Pakistan forced to devalue rupee for third time in six months.

As the bolivar's value continues to plummet, the Venezuelan government delays redenomination.

For several reasons, changing compensation packages as a direct response to currency movements is nearly always a bad idea.