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Results based on: Daily rates

This free report explains how ECA's indices are calculated and applied to protect the buying power of people moving between countries as well as looking at what causes them to change over time.

As Hong Kong expects to receive the highest number of business travellers since 2019 it remains the most expensive location in the region for business travel.

London is now the third most expensive business travel location in Europe, rising from 5th position pre-pandemic.

The typical daily cost of business travel in Singapore is now USD 515 – the second highest in Asia and 19th globally.

Iran's failure to rekindle nuclear deal has sunk the rial.

Lebanese pound greatly devalued, while other currencies also plummet as central banks are forced to loosen controls. Read about this and more in our monthly round-up of exchange-rate news.

Croatia joins the Eurozone, while Argentina gives foreign visitors greater buying power, plus all the biggest exchange-rate moves, in our monthly round-up of currency news from around the world.

Towards the end of year our teams have been busy analysing and updating all the data in our reports and calculators. We have created a summary to feature the latest updates and developments in the past 12 months.

African currencies have been pummelled lately, but a longer-term view tells a more useful story.

Pamela Pang explores how to successfully manage assignee salary packages in the current complex environment. Please note, this webinar was delivered in Japanese.