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Results based on: Daily rates

ECA's recent International Commuters Survey looked at best practice in pay and policy for commuter assignments.

Central London joint sixth most expensive business travel location in Europe.

Hong Kong is the most expensive location in Asia for business travel, with the typical business trip costing USD 515 per day.

Singapore is the fourth most expensive location in Asia for business travel.

In this webinar, ECA experts Steven Kilfedder and Laura Whitehouse will provide practical advice on dealing with currency volatility.

For several reasons, changing compensation packages as a direct response to currency movements is nearly always a bad idea.

Why are short-term assignments growing in popularity and how are companies structuring packages?

Drawing on key insights from our International Business Trips Survey, we discuss the latest trends and best practice in managing business travel.

Gain an overview of the costs and best practice involved in managing business travel around the world with this free white paper, essential reading for anyone responsible for their organisation’s international business trip policy.