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A typical business trip in Washington DC costs 8% more than in Los Angeles and 26% less than in New York.

A typical business trip in London costs 32% more than in Brussels and 18% less than in Geneva.

Hong Kong falls from regional top spot last year to second place.

Average cost of a business trip to Singapore is eight per cent cheaper than in Hong Kong.

Over the last 12 months, the world's political and economic status quo has been turned on its head; ECA's Managing Director, Andrew Shaw, discusses the impact global events could have on global mobility in the future.

When cost of living indices are updated to reflect changes in living costs in the two locations, assignees often question why certain indices have changed in the way that they have. 

Hotel accommodation in Hong Kong is 20% more expensive than in Singapore

Average hotel accommodation in Singapore is 20% cheaper than in Hong Kong. Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok are amongst the cheapest locations for business travel, fuelled by relatively cheap accommodation and weakening currencies. 

ECA advises patience following historic UK vote.

It's less than a week until the UK votes on whether to remain part of the European Union, with the latest polls putting the 'Leave' campaign narrowly ahead. What would Brexit mean for expatriates from the UK and elsewhere and the people that manage them?