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Results based on: Expatriate salaries

Nattayaporn Cocconi, Client Solutions Executive, will provide an overview of Cost of Living data for international assignments. This session will be delivered in Thai.

Driven by lower cost of benefits and a dip in salaries, the overall cost of employing a mid-level expatriate worker in Singapore has dropped by USD 7 284.

The overall cost of employing a mid-level expatriate worker in Hong Kong dropped by USD 5 067 in 2020.

18% of companies use the hybrid approach to try and achieve equity, but what is the hybrid approach and should your company be using it?

How can your organisation get the most out of benchmarking? We take a look at the main things to consider.

Lee Quane, Regional Director, and Mark Harrison, Associate Director explore recent Cost of Living index movements across Asia, and how to assess if a local salary is attractive for your mobile employees.

Anna Michielsen from ECA Sydney explores the benefits of benchmarking expatriate pay and benefits packages, and how to remain competitive and cost-effective in 2021. This session has a specific focus on Australasia.

Oliver Browne, Remuneration and Policy Surveys Manager, and Jacqueline O'Rourke, Head of Client Services, explore the basics and many benefits of benchmarking expatriate pay and benefits packages.

Jeff Chu and Lizzy Ren, Client Solutions Team, explore the latest developments in expatriate pay across Greater China, and how companies can ensure cost-efficiency in 2021. This session is delivered in Chinese.

Will an individual's spending power be maintained if they move to work in a different country? This free white paper compares local salaries for managers in 58 countries in terms of relative buying power, showing at a glance which international moves will be viable on local terms.