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Results based on: Salary management

While workers in Singapore will see a salary increase of 3.8%, inflation will set salaries back by 1.7% in real terms this year.

Record real-terms salary decrease is a result of 9.1 percent annual average inflation, the highest in 40 years.

Our Expatriate Salary Management Survey captures the latest trends in the application of pay and policy for long-term assignments, helping mobility teams benchmark practices and ensure their policies remain fit for purpose. Take a look at our infographic sharing some of the key highlights from...

The two biggest problems clients report when benchmarking are comparing total compensation and benefits packages, and the ability to benchmark against others in the same industry. ECA’s MyEMP reports enable you to do both and more.

Expat salary and benefits packages in Singapore rose by a modest 4% in 2021 in local currency terms despite the city’s fall to 22nd place in the rankings of the costliest places to employ expatriates globally.

Expat pay and benefits packages in Hong Kong rose by a modest USD 3 800 in 2021, to a total of USD 283 000, a rate of growth which was amongst the lowest of all locations in Asia. 

We take a look at the common difficulties that arise when moving staff from low- to high-paying countries and consider potential solutions.

Michael Birse, Talia Koch and Michael Witkowski demonstrate the value of benchmarking expatriate remuneration packages and how this approach can help to motivate and retain your assignees this year.

Olivia Franslay and Aaron Pravasta explore the latest developments in expatriate pay in Indonesia, and advise how mobility teams can benchmark their expatriates' salary and benefits packages with our unique MyEMP reports. This session is delivered in Bahasa Indonesia.

With a wide range of index types and customisation options available, we take a look at how global mobility managers can make the most of their cost of living index.