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Results based on: Salary Trends Survey

Benchmarking expat packages is vital to remain competitive in today's increasingly globalised market. We discuss the factors you should consider.

In this Mobility Basics post, we look at the dual approach - what is it and when should you use it?

Check out our latest infographic that captures some of the key findings from ECA's Managing Mobility Survey.

We discuss key findings from the Global Mobility Organisation Survey 2017 revealing how GM teams intend to change in the future.

To help boost your international assignment success rates and post-assignment staff retention, we discuss the key reasons for assignment failure, the problems with repatriation and what you as an organisation can do to prepare your employees.

Is your organisation structured in the best way to deliver your Global Mobility programme?

Tips on how best to go about a benchmarking exercise for your expatriate employees and the main things to consider.

07 December 2014

Running annual salary reviews in a fraction of the time previously needed