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Protecting expatriate salaries from exchange rate movements  

6 April 2022

When managing international assignee salary packages, exchange rates can have a huge impact on the overall value.

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Latest survey data updates and expanded coverage  

15 December 2021

Our teams have been busy analysing and publishing all the data collected from recent surveys - here's a summary highlighting the latest data update...

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We need to talk about talent….and #workanywhere  

8 August 2022

While the need for GM teams to adopt flexibility into practices is more important than ever, it's crucial to adopt a pragmatic approach to employee...

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Cuba massively devalues the peso  

4 August 2022

Having unified its currency rates only last year, Cuba has reintroduced a multiple exchange rate system, greatly devaluing the peso in the process.

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White papers

Will an individual's spending power be maintained if they move to work in a different country? This free white paper compares local salaries for managers in 58 countries in terms of relative buying power, showing at a glance which international moves will be viable on local terms.

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This free report looks at the costs of providing benefits for mobile employees, including insight into common practice and how to assess the total cost of the assignment package.

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Benchmarking expatriate pay - the key to motivation & retention in 2022

20 July 2022

Michael Birse, Talia Koch and Michael Witkowski demonstrate the value of benchmarking expatriate remuneration packages and how this approach can help to motivate and retain your assignees this year.

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ECA's data updates - Cost of Living

5 July 2022

Michael Witkowski, Sarah Dewhurst and Claudine Turner explore the latest data and mobility trends across the EMEA region and the Americas, and how key events around the world have driven unprecedented changes in cost of living indices.

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