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Technology and Digital Transformation - Survey Highlights

ECA's Global Mobility Now Survey captures the latest industry trends, ensuring GM teams keep their finger on the pulse and keep pace with change. Referencing results from the 2024 survey, here we wanted to highlight some of the key patterns that have emerged around technology and transformation.

Technology has the potential to transform GM programmes by enabling better strategic decision-making, automating time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks, and improving the user experience for all stakeholders. Only a minority of companies have got past the beginning of their journey of digital transformation though, with even fewer having completed it. It is most common for companies to seek improvements through incremental changes to their existing systems.

This does not mean, however, that there's no appetite for more radical transformation – only 9% reported that they are satisfied with their technology plans. The main obstacles to further digital transformation are a lack of expertise and/or resources and a (perceived or actual) lack of budget, with the former particularly common among Asian organisations and the latter common among European and American ones.

While the initial investment in technology and the skills to implement it may seem costly, the productivity gains made through efficiencies and the reduced risk of non-compliance can make a compelling argument for it. GM teams should look to leverage relationships with other stakeholders involved in mobility to create and present a united, cross-functional case for technology to the business. It is also worth looking closely at the options - you may be able to do more with your budget than you think, particularly if a software solution is modular.

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ECA's new platform will power technological transformation in your GM programme. We are building a best-in-class, unified yet modular, AI-enabled platform to manage all talent mobility - for all move types, connecting all stakeholders.

Our new platform will redefine how organisations and their workforce navigate global assignments, business travel, remote work, international hires, and permanent relocations. With our innovative technology and extensive knowledge base, you will be able to harness the power of streamlined processes, seamless experiences, simplified compliance, and strategic insights for decision-making.

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