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The growth of the ‘economic employer’ concept  

5 February 2021

In this guest article from Global Tracker, we look at the economic employer approach and the different issues that it can cause for assignees.

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Cost of Living Survey Highlights  

16 December 2020

Following our most recent Cost of Living Survey, we have prepared an interactive map to help you understand and explain to assignees how key events...

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Covid-19: Can organisations require assignees and business travellers to be vaccinated?  

24 February 2021

With vaccination programmes gathering pace in many nations, we have taken a look at the role of HR teams in Covid-19 vaccinations - and whether org...

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Sudan devalues  

22 February 2021

Sudan's central bank has devalued the official exchange rate by 85%.

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White papers

This free report looks at the costs of providing benefits for mobile employees, including insight into common practice and how to assess the total cost of the assignment package.

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Using key figures from ECA's tax reports and calculators for over 100 countries, this free white paper provides insight into relative tax and social security liabilities in major expatriate destinations worldwide.

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ECA's data updates - planning ahead for 2021 | Cost of living & Compliance

13 January 2021

Lee Quane, Regional Director, and Mark Harrison, Associate Director explore recent data updates that have been made to our products. 

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Salary Trends 2020/21 - the impact of Covid-19 on local pay awards

10 November 2020

Talia Levy, Key Account Manager, and Daniel Flear, Remuneration Analyst explore findings from our recent Salary Trends Survey providing insight into the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on pay awards in 2020 globally and forecasts for 2021.

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