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November currency review  

6 December 2023

Double kwacha trouble, in Malawi and Zambia, while the Israeli shekel rebounds. All this and more in our monthly currency news round-up.

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Salary Trends 2023-24: Are local pay awards showing signs of recovery?  

28 November 2023

With global inflation remaining higher than expected this year, what impact will it have on local pay awards going forward?

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  Mobility Basics

Mobility Basics: The assignment lifecycle [infographic]  

12 October 2023

We have created a wonderful infographic to illustrate the entire journey of a typical, long-term assignment lifecycle, highlighting the depth of GM...

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Mobility Basics: Paying gross  

27 June 2023

How do you pay your international assignees? We discuss what it is to pay gross and whether it is a suitable alternative to paying net.

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White papers

This free report explains how ECA's indices are calculated and applied to protect the buying power of people moving between countries as well as looking at what causes them to change over time.

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Will an individual's spending power be maintained if they move to work in a different country? This free white paper compares local salaries for managers in 58 countries in terms of relative buying power, showing at a glance which international moves will be viable on local terms.

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Expatriate Salary Management 2022 - keep your LTA policy fit for purpose

3 November 2022

Michael Birse and Georgia Wilson explore key findings from our recent Expatriate Salary Management Survey and how our reports can help ensure your long-term assignment policies remain fit for purpose.

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ECA's NEW Cost Estimate Calculator demo

4 October 2022

Follow our on-screen demo to see for yourself how our Cost Estimate Calculator can save you time and money, and enable you to run as many cost estimates as you need, quickly and accurately. 

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