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Tax calculations


Our tax calculator has both gross-to-net and net-to-gross functionality; an ECA tax calculation can help you to understand the employee’s net position when receiving a gross salary in the host country as well as estimate the host country tax and social security liability involved in providing an employee a guaranteed net salary.

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The growth of the ‘economic employer’ concept  

5 February 2021

In this guest article from Global Tracker, we look at the economic employer approach and the different issues that it can cause for assignees.

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  White Papers

ECA Global Perspectives - National Salary Comparison  

11 June 2021

Will an individual's spending power be maintained if they move to work in a different country? This free white paper compares local salaries for ma...

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ECA Global Perspectives - Tax and Social Security  

26 February 2019

Using key figures from ECA's tax reports and calculators for over 100 countries, this free white paper provides insight into relative tax and socia...

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