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Salary Trends


Our Salary Trends Survey can help you ensure you remain competitive by providing information on actual and anticipated pay rises for local staff, helping you make informed decisions about your employees' pay rises in the context of the local markets. Featuring in-depth commentary and analysis, the results of this survey are free to participants, and include:

  • Information on actual and anticipated pay rises for the current year, and the next – both including and excluding merit
  • Inflation graphs to show current and anticipated ‘real' wage increases for your employees
  • Detailed descriptions of the local economic situation including economic growth, cost of living and labour market data and analysis

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Why isn't there an EU-wide minimum wage?  

29 August 2017

Differences in economies, pay structures, currencies and tax law across the EU mean there is a complex answer to this simple question.

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  White Papers

ECA Global Perspectives - National Salary Comparison  

11 June 2021

Will an individual's spending power be maintained if they move to work in a different country? This free white paper compares local salaries for ma...

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