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Net-to-Net Calculator


ECA's Net-to-Net Calculator provides the tools you need to negotiate and explain a local salary offer to your mobile employees. Using our robust and dependable tax data, it compares the net salary of a local package against the net salary of a home-based package, helping you to quickly assess the suitability of a local salary and the adjustment required, if any, to redress any shortfall.

The tool includes the option to take into account the differences in living costs and housing costs between the home and host countries, in addition to differences in net income. It also produces clear and attractive reports for you to share with your team and your employees if you choose to.

The tool will help you evaluate your salary options for all kinds of international moves, including:

  • Permanent transfers and relocations
  • International remote working
  • Assignees offered a local package
  • Validating local salary offers for international hires

The calculator is available to buy with subscription data pre-loaded. You can also buy individual net-to-net comparisons through our advisory services.

ECA’s Net-to-Net calculator, along with assignment cost projections, have been instrumental in shaping our program. We use ECA’s Net-to-Net calculations for local transfers and cost projections for assignments to compare different employment scenarios depending on the client and the potential assignee or transferee. The approach works well with our population and the service provided by our dedicated client service teams in New York and London is excellent!

- Elizabeth Karcher, Director Global Mobility, Discovery Communications LLC

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