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International Rotators Survey


  Survey closed   Date: 30 Oct 2018 - 23 Nov 2018   Published: January 2019

This survey shows how organisations pay and manage assignees who regularly travel between their home location and another country in order to work on a rotator basis.

Assigned to work in a location that is typically remote or high hardship, these employees will often work long hours for an intense "on" rotation period in the host location and then return to the "off" location for rest days, regularly rotating between the "on" and "off" location.

The survey covers the following aspects of international rotator assignments:

  • Travel policy
  • Calculation and delivery of salary and allowances 
  • Housing and other benefits provision
  • Tracking and compliance risks
  • Latest trends

Participants receive a free report of the results enabling them to benchmark and review their international rotator policy based on best practice in the industry.

Who is it open to?

Anyone working in global mobility or elsewhere who has responsibility for managing international rotator assignments.

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