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Salary Trends 2017/18 – What does the future hold?

Following the recent publication of ECA’s Salary Trends 2017/18 Survey results, the above infographics highlight some of this year’s key findings and how they compare to previous years’ survey results.

The global heat map shows how forecast real salary increases (the increase in pay after inflation is factored in) compare across the world. Based on the data submitted to the survey, the global median salary increase in real terms will be 1.2%, a slight dip compared to the 2017 median of 1.3%. This is despite the median global pay rise remaining unchanged at 4% in 2018. These averages hide large variations around the world as shown in the map, with the best-off being employees in South America and Asia.

The timeline chart shows that the gradual recovery in real salary increases tailed off in Asia-Pacific and Europe but rose in the Americas and Africa and the Middle East in 2017. Real-terms salary increases in 2018 are expected to be very similar to those in 2017 across all regions. As it stands, the only region where employees are set to receive higher real salary increases next year is the Americas, where the median real increase is forecast to be 1.7% in 2018 compared to 1.5% in 2017. 

However, a lot can change over a year. The actual increases received by employees in all regions in 2017 were lower than those forecast in the 2016/17 survey, and it will be interesting to see how closely reality mirrors predictions in 2018 as well. Make sure to take part in ECA’s next survey to find out how local salaries are likely to change in the countries you operate in. 

ECA’s Salary Trends Survey reports analyse current and projected salary increases for local employees. They provide information on ‘real salary increases’ by factoring in inflation rates. This year’s survey was based on information collected from 268 multinational companies across 71 countries.


Free to survey participants, Salary Trends reports can also be purchased either individually or as a full set

FInd out more in our detailed analysis on the key findings from this year’s Salary Trends Survey. 

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