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Oliver Browne, Lee Quane and Jacqueline O'Rourke explore the latest trends and developments in expatriate pay. 

Lee Quane, Mark Harrison and Anna Michielsen explore the latest trends and developments in expatriate pay across the APAC region.

Jeff Chu and Mandy Tsai provide an update on the latest trends in expatriate salary and benefits packages, across Greater China.

In the second blog of our series looking at international remote working, we consider the tax and social security compliance risks that can be involved.

Aaron Pravasta explores the latest mobility trends and information on expatriates salaries for Indonesia headquartered company that send staff overseas and those employing expatriate staff in Indonesia.

Angolan kwanza is the latest African currency to be devalued, while Turkey finally abandons bizarre economic experiments. All this and more in our monthly currency round-up.

How do you pay your international assignees? We discuss what it is to pay gross and whether it is a suitable alternative to paying net.

Global food prices are driving high inflation, and lower oil and gas prices have not been enough to reduce it significantly. Explore our interactive map to understand how these factors impact the indices in countries where you have assignees.

Nigeria's new president wastes no time in unifying exchange rates.

System integrations and APIs have become increasingly popular - and common! - in assignment management systems over the past few years but, unless you are a tech specialist, discussing them can feel daunting. In this blog, we explain in simple terms how integrations work and the many benefits...