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Amid ongoing tax reform in China, we look at what impact these changes will have on assignees and expatriate workers.

Many countries offer expatriate tax concessions in order to attract highly skilled assignees and encourage foreign investment. However there are various forms of expatriate concessions, with differing criteria.

We look at how the salaries of assignees coming into and out of the US will be affected by the recent tax reform there.

It has been a busy time at ECA with our teams analysing and publishing all the data collected from recent surveys - here's a summary highlighting the latest data updates and what else is new!

GCC countries are planning to introduce a 5% value-added tax on 1 January 2018. What effect will this tax have on the cost of living for expatriates living there?

Here we discuss the potential impact of President Trump's proposed reforms to US tax policy and how his plans measure up to the existing structure.

How do you pay your international assignees? We discuss what it is to pay gross and whether it is a suitable alternative to paying net.

This free white paper provides a snapshot comparison of the relative wealth of managers in 57 countries, showing at a glance whether an individual's spending power would be maintained if they moved to work in a different country and were paid a local salary.

ECA's Tax Services Analyst, Sarah Larby, takes a look at some of the more notable tax reforms this year.

ECA International, the world's leading provider of knowledge, information and technology for the management and assignment of employees around the world, has published a new, free white paper in its very popular Global Perspectives series about Benefits for mobile employees.