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History has shown a strong correlation between global mobility and world economic development. Andrew Shaw, ECA’s Managing Director provides an overview of the context businesses are operating in today and the approaches adopted to keep global mobility practice relevant.

Barry Rodin, ECA’s Chief Economist, shares some headline results from ECA’s recent survey undertaken to help companies see how their international relocation benefits provision compares.

Commuter assignments are one solution to getting your talent to where it’s needed, when it’s needed. But does it come at a price? Barry Rodin, Chief Economist at ECA International, reports on findings from ECA’s recent commuter assignment survey.

ECA’s Lee Quane and Barry Rodin take a look at alternatives to the home-based international pay method, why they are being used and some of the issues that can arise.

Calculating the value international mobility programmes bring to business is notoriously complex. IHR management expert, Paula Caligiuri, explains why she thinks things are looking up…